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(According to Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) 15/1999 of 13 December)

This site, as well as the majority of sites on the Internet, usa and third-party cookies to improve the use by the user. Below is some basic information about cookies, such as they are, the types or how to disable cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that some web pages can be installed on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or electronic device when the visit. Its functions can be multiple: Store the navigation preferences, collect statistical information, encourage the interrelationship, activate features, and so on. At times, cookies are used to store basic information about user's browsing habits or from your computer, to the point, as the case may be, for being able to recognize.

Why are they useful?

The usefulness of cookies covers many aspects of navigation. From a user's point of view, allow web pages to work in a more agile and adapted to your preferences, such as for example store the language or the currency of the country. From the point of view of those responsible for the web site, helps to improve the services they offer, thanks to the statistical information collected through them.

Types of cookies

There are several types of cookies, and each one of them can have a specific functionality or multiple. Our page installed mainly the types specified below, although there are other types.

Cookies of performance improvement…

This type of cookie stores your preferences not to reconfigure them in a next visit. To provide a concrete example, in e-commerce allow you to maintain information on your shopping cart.

Statistical analysis Cookies…

are those that, well be treated by us or by third parties, allow to quantify the number of visitors and statistically analyze the use made by users of our services. Thanks to this we can study the navigation of our website and improve the services we offer.

Geolocation Cookies…

These cookies are used by programs that try to geographically locate the situation of the computer, smartphone, tablet, or device that connects to the web so that completely anonymous, it can provide the most appropriate content and services.

Tracking Cookies…

When a visitor registers in our portal, you generate cookies that identify it as a registered user at the same visit. These cookies are retained as long as you do not leave the account, close your browser or turn the device off, and can also be used in combination with analytical data to identify individually their preferences on our portal.

Advertising Cookies…

are those that either are treated by us or by third parties, allow to effectively manage the advertising space on our web site, adapting the content of the listing the contents of the requested service or you use our website. Thanks to it we can get to know your Internet browsing habits and display advertising related to your profile navigation.

Other third-party cookies…

on some of our pages you can install third-party cookies to manage and improve the services they offer. An example of this use are the links to social networks, which allow you to share our content. Another example is Google Analytics, which uses them to count how many people visit our web pages.

Can I set my preferences?

It is possible to permit, block or delete cookies installed on your computer by using the settings in your internet browser. To block them entirely, it is possible that certain services that require their use is not available or does not work properly.

Because each browser has sos characteristics with respect to the management of cookies, we propose to follow the links to the main browsers where you can find these specifications:

I Need More Information

For more information about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been installed on your appliance and how to manage them or delete them, visit,, where, in addition to finding useful information, you can check and configure, per supplier, your preferences about advertising cookies from third parties.

What Do We update our Cookie Policy?

We may update the policy of Cookies on our Web site, therefore we recommend that you review this policy every time we visit with the aim of being adequately informed about how and why to use cookies. The Cookie Policy was last updated on 9 January 2014.

If you want to contact us regarding our Cookie Policy, you may do so.

Gestra s.l. (to which it belongs is not responsible for the content, correspondence and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties including in these the cookies policy.

Cookies list on this Website

(ID de la cookie y como aparece en la caché del navegador)
(Propia o de terceros)
(Fecha de caducidad de la cookie una vez instalada)
(Con qué dominio se asocia la cookie)
(Funcionamiento y finalidad de la cookie)
PHPSESSIDPropiaSesiónEsta webAlmacena la sesión del usuario actual de forma anónima. Se destruye automáticamente al abandonar la página.
PREF, SNID, NID, SID, SSID, N_TTerceros2 añ
Estas cookies son empleadas por Google para verificar la cuenta de un usuario, almacenar el acceso más reciente a sus servicios y las preferencias del usuario. Son empleadas en muchos servicios de Google como puede ser YouTube o Google Maps.
YSCTercerosSesió un identificador único para permitir el control de visitas a videos de YouTube.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVETerceros9 un identificador único para permitir el control de visitas a videos de YouTube.
__atuvc, loc, uid, localeTerceros2 años.addthis.comSirven para contabilizar las veces que se comparte contenido en las redes sociales (Twitter, Facebook... etc.), almacenar la ubicación del usuario a nivel de país y su idioma.
googtransTercerosSesió el idioma de destino que se está empleado si se traduce la página con Google Translate
_gaTerceros2 añ emplea para distiguir entre usuarios.
__utmaTerceros2 añ datos como el número de veces que un usuario ha estado en el sitio, cuando ha sido su primera visita y cuando se produjo su última visita.
__utmbTerceros30 una fecha y hora en el momento exacto que entra el usuario a la web así toma el tiempo que ha estado un visitante en el sitio. Utilizado por Google Analytics para calcular el tiempo que tarda una visita en el sitio web.
__utmcTercerosSesió no se usa. Se conserva por compatibilidad con versiones antiguas de Urchin. Se empleaba para detectar nuevas visitas /sesiones.
__utmzTerceros6 datos relativos a si el usuario ha llegado al sitio a través de un banner o campaña publicitaria.
__utmvTerceros2 añ emplea si el desarrollador del sitio utiliza variables personalizadas en Google Analytics, por ejemplo para segmentar en base a datos demográficos.