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Corporate Health

Decrease absenteeism and improve employee health

Increase productivity and employee moral

Decrease workplace injuries
and improve work relations

Workshops in the Workplace

Corporate Health Workshops in Quiropráctica Eixample

For the last ten years, Brock has been helping businesses reduce the primary cause of health problems in the workplace: stress.

The vast majority of stress problems can be pinpointed to one or two types of stress: postural stress and emotional stress. Our workshops explores 3 things:
- how stress affects us mentally and emotionally
- we give you effective easy to implement tools to reduce the effects of negative stress
- we explain how quiropractic can help deal with stress.

What the corporate community have to keep in mind is that looking after the well being of your staff is great for business. We provide this workshops at your place of business at no cost to you or your employers. We also provide the workshops in Spanish, Catalan and English.

Contact us at info @ quiropracticaeixample .com for more information or to book a postural stress workshop or an emotional stress workshop.