Brock McCurdy, D.C.


Brock McCurdy, D.C.

Throughout 19 years working closely with clients – fromelite athletes to first- time mums – Brock has repeatedly witnessed the body’s ability to overcome incredible challenges and recover well-being. You can be confident that your experience with Brock will be a comfortable and fruitful one, whether you are looking to recover your well-being, optimizing your sports performance or just looking to live your life more fully.


Years of experience: 19 years

Studies: 3 Degrees in the health sciences

Countries worked in: Australia

Age:45 years


Languages:English and Spanish

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
– Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Science)
– Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
– Graduated 2004

La Trobe University, Australia
– Bachelor of Nursing
– Graduated 1999

– Spanish Chiropractic Association –

– International Chiropractic Pediatric Association –

Brock provides chiropractic care for children in an orphanage in the center of Barcelona
on a weekly basis. He has participated in voluntary work providing chiropractic care for
people in Ecuador, Peru and Tobago.

Why am I passionate about chiropractic?

Brock’s journey in chiropractic began nearly three decades ago in his home country of Australia when, as a member of the national karate team, a chiropractor helped him keep his body performing at optimum levels despite the heavy tolls that the physical and mental demands of his training and fighting schedule made on him.

After fighting for the bronze medal at the Karate World Championships in Chiba City, Japan, in 1993, Brock chose to focus on his studies. Upon graduating from secondary school in country Victoria, he moved to Melbourne where he completed three Degrees in the Health Sciences over nine years of university study.

He supplemented his tertiary study over a further three years el que a Europe and South America in search of the best minds in natural health and healing, whom he was then able to study under and exchange knowledge with.

Throughout this period of travel Brock was building his practical experience by working in various private clinics in Australia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

His love of learning has kept Dr. McCurdy actively involved in the research and advancement of wellness and natural health care. His engagement in the international chiropractic community has brought him in touch with many of the world’s leading figures in chiropractic and his ongoing study means his patients have access to the cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that are shaping chiropractic care.

His expertise has seen him work with everybody from world class athletes (including members of the Australian Karate team and the Newcastle Falcons), to the physically challenged, elderly citizens to children and pregnant women – all of whom have reported an improved quality of life thanks to his enhanced health care practices.

Another passion of Dr. McCurdy’s is the chiropractic care of children. He was the first chiropractor to host the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association World Seminar Series here in Europe. This is one of the many specialist seminars he is involved in.

Dr. McCurdy is also well regarded as a public speaker, having spent the last eight years helping motivate individuals and groups in the private, sporting and corporate sectors to live a healthier life. Naturally.

The portfolio of Dr. McCurdy’s chiropractic techniques includes: Sacral Occipital Technique; Pediatric Care; Toggle Recoil; Diversified; Network Spinal Analysis; Bio-Geometric Integration; Thompson Drop; Cranial Therapy; Logan Basic, and Gonstead.

Throughout his 15 years of medical experience, working closely with the central nervous system, Dr. McCurdy has seen first-hand the body’s ability to overcome incredible challenges and find the balance to heal. Miracles can manifest in health when there is optimal communication between the brain and the muscles, organs and tissues of the body.

Dr. McCurdy now lives in Barcelona, having fallen in love with Cataluña during his extensive travels.