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James Wellington

Registration number: 13245


The physiotherapy clinic situated inside Quiropráctica Eixample has a sports physiotherapist with extensive experience in rehabilitation of high performance athletes and performing artists of all types.

His experience, however, is not limited solely to high-performance sports; also having 17 years of experience working with all types of people including office workers, the young, the elderly - with a range of activity levels and pathologies.

His main objective is to restore the healthy physical condition of his patients so that they can recover their daily routines, return to work and their sporting practices or physical performance to which they are accustomed.

Another important focus for James is to educate his patients how to minimise the risk of injury / re-injury by helping them move better, with more efficient movement patterns and with improved athleticism.

Recovering from injury or illness is usually an interdisciplinary task that often involves collaborative problem solving. In our experience at Quiropráctica Eixample, we often find that when certain patients embrace the combination of both physiotherapy and chiropractic care a powerful, positive health stimulus ensues.

Experience and roles:

- Master in Advanced Physiotherapy and Sport (London, UK)

- Director of ‘Perform Health’ in London and Barcelona

- Head physiotherapist to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies

- Sports massage therapist and rehabilitator

- Published author and scientific researcher

- Specialist in Performing Arts Medicine

- Teacher at the Centro de las Artes del Circo, Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona)

- Physiotherapist at La Central del Circ (Barcelona)

- Consultant and guest lecturer at University of Arts Stockholm

- Guest lecturer at University College London

- Physiotherapist at London National Centre for Circus Arts 

- Languages: Spanish - English - Italian - Basic French


- Rehabilitation of spinal, upper and lower limb injuries

- Manual therapy (joint mobilisation, massage, stretching, fascial release work)

- Post surgery rehabilitation

- Athletic movement screening

- Movement education and recovery of higher quality of activities of daily living

- Coaching of high performance training

- Recovery post training/competition

- Physical preparation

- Sports massage

- Kinesiology taping