James Wellington


James Wellington

The physiotherapy clinic situated inside Quiropráctica Eixample has a sports physiotherapist with extensive experience in rehabilitation of high performance athletes and performing artists of all types.

His experience, however, is not limited solely to high-performance sports; also having 17 years of experience working with all types of people including office workers, the young, the elderly – with a range of activity levels and pathologies.


Registration number: 13245

Years of experience 17 years

Studies: 1 Degree in Heath Sciences
1 Masters Degree in Health Sciences

Countries worked in: England

Age:38 años


Languages:English, Spanish, Italian

University College London, UK
– Master in Advanced Physiotherapy (Sport)
– Graduated in 2006

London School of Sports Massage, UK
– Diploma Sports and remedial massage therapy
– Graduated in 2002

University of Manchester, UK
– Degree in Physiotherapy
– Graduated in 2001

– Col.legi de Fisioterapeutes de Catalunya fisioterapeutes.cat
– The Health and Care Professions Council hcpc-uk.org.uk
– Chartered Society of Physiotherapy csp.org.uk

– DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Stockholm, Sweden
– UCL, MSc Performing Arts Medicine
– Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio Rivel
– Italian Interdisciplinary Centre for Performing Arts Medicine (Ceimars)

– Reflex control of posterior shoulder muscles. Journal of Electromyography & Myography
– Theory, Guidance and good practice. FEDEC.
– Various blog entries as expert in circus healthcare for circustalk.com

– Injuries in circus arts
– Personality profile of professional circus artists

– Best physiotherapy practice (Perform Health) in the UK – Social Care Awards 2017
I am a physiotherapist and sports rehab specialist with a great passion for my profession. Committed to lifelong learning in order to be able to offer the best service to all of my patients. Movement of the human body fascinates me and I wish to impart my understanding of it onto others for their health benefit.
Mr James Wellington