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James Wellington

Registered number: 13245


The physiotherapy clinic located in 'Chiropractic Eixample' has a sports physiotherapist with extensive experience in the field of recovery of injuries in elite athletes and performing arts artists.

His experience is not limited only to elite athletes; He also has 17 years of experience working with all types of patients as sedentary people or amateur athletes.

Its main objective is the recovery of the physical condition of the patient so that he can recover his daily routine, return to work, his sports practices or physical performance to which he is accustomed.

Another of its main objectives is to minimize the risk of injuries through the education of the movement with preventive therapies.

The recovery of people is usually a multidisciplinary task that must be carried out as a team. For this reason, our experience tells us that the combination of physiotherapy and chiropractic is very powerful and beneficial to accelerate and recover the optimal state of health.

Training and positions:

- Master's degree in sports physiotherapy and recovery of physical activity (London, United Kingdom)

- Director of Perform Health in London and Barcelona

- Head of the physiotherapy team for the ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games

- Sports masseur and rehabilitation

- Author of publications and scientific researcher

- Specialist in Performing Arts Medicine

- Physiotherapist and teacher at the Center for the Arts of the Circus, Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona)

- Physiotherapist in La Central del Circ (Barcelona)

- Languages: Spanish - English - Italian - (Basic French)

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- Manual techniques (massage therapy, manual therapy and stretching)

- Recovery of pathologies of the lumbar spine and extremities

- Muscular reeducation

- Functional bandages

- Kinesitherapy and readjustment to habitual physical activity

- Injury prevention protocols

- Post-effort physical recovery

- Physical trainer