What to expect


Assess you as suitable for chiropractic care

Determine that chiropractic care is not the best option for you (in which case we will work with you to find the help you need)


Upon arrival at Quiropráctica Eixample, you will be made welcome by one of our helpful Chiropractic Care Assistants.

Once comfortable, you can complete our Wellness Assessment Form to delineate some of your personal goals and alert us as to any illnesses or traumas which may be effecting your well-being.

All of this information will inform how we approach your case and develop a plan for your chiropractic journey.

We may also run some chiropractic tests to further enhance our understanding of your needs and your current level of wellness. There are four basic tests that we can run on this first visit:


Palpation is used to detect subluxations of the vertebrae in your spine.

Range Of Motion

A physical assessment to determine whether or not your spine has full and correct range of motion.

Computerized Scans

Using the Insight Subluxation Station™, we perform computerized scans which measure how well your nervous system is functioning.

Postural Analysis

This computerised programme assesses whether or not there are postural anomalies which might be contributing to any discomfort you are feeling.


Every chiropractic case is unique, and your second visit is scheduled to allow time for a thorough analysis of your Wellness Assessment and an exploration of the care options available to you.

Should you choose to begin your chiropractic journey with us after assessing your options, you will receive your first adjustment at this time.

Your next visit will be scheduled before you leave and from this point on your visits become much less time intensive.

Results of the tests

We will explain the results of the tests.

Can we help?

We will let you know if chiropractic can help you.

How long will you need?

If chiropractic can help you, we will let you know how long it will take to get the results you are looking for.

How much will it cost?

We will go through payment options.


We have designed our clinic the same way we believe our bodies should be operating: with optimal efficiency.

The adjustments your chiropractor needs to perform to help your body balance itself do not take long, and we make sure that the processes around the adjustment are also streamlined for the lightest impact on your diary.

Once we have established a relationship and are clear on your goals we can develop a regular visit schedule that consumes less than 15 minutes out of your day.

We also provide workshops and education sessions to help you reach your goals faster and maintain a focus on your wellness in daily life.